Muscle Activation Techniques

In recent years, a revolutionary new service has evolved for identifying and correcting muscular imbalances in the body known as Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T.).  This exciting and unique system can dramatically improve joint stability, increase range of motion, eliminate pain, and enhance overall function and performance for individuals of all ages and present abilities.  M.A.T. combines a unique process of manual muscle testing with precision palpation that pinpoints and treats functional muscular imbalances that can lead to increased muscle tension, decreased movement ability, compensation, pain and eventual joint deterioration.  M.A.T. integrates well with other forms of clinical massage therapy, physical therapy, or Chiropractic Services.  M.A.T. is an ideal compliment and often a precursor to any corrective exercise program or professional training session.  M.A.T. will help most anyone to achieve a higher level of function and experience a greater level of health.

In Simple Terms …

Muscle Activation Techniques looks at muscle tightness as a form of protection rather than an inconvenience to our everyday activities.  Weak or inhibited muscles can create this need for muscle tightness in order to help stabilize our joints.

M.A.T. helps restore normal body alignment, thereby, decreasing this need for muscle tightness.  M.A.T. gets to the root of pain and/or injury by addressing muscle weakness rather than muscle tightness.

Here at the Alliance Fitness Center we are bridging the gap between fitness and rehabilitation.

M.A.T. enables you a new lease on your active lifestyle. With M.A.T. you can return to the golf course, tennis court, ski slopes or horseback riding with a renewed strength and without pain.

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