“Alliance Fitness is the perfect fit for me! I work with a qualified personal trainer who makes up a diverse workout especially designed for my physical needs and my abilities. As a result, I know I’ve gotten stronger, and am able to complete a more versatile exercise program. It’s great to be part of the friendly and intimate environment that other larger gyms so often don’t provide. If you’re serious about wanting to improve or even just to maintain good health through exercise, this is definitely the right place to start!”

– Anne Kraras

“Luke has been my personal trainer for almost two years. Two years that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I am 74 years old and felt I need strength training and balance exercises. I play tennis and golf so I’m not a “couch potato” but I know as we age we lose muscle mass and become more unsteady so, Luke is patient and thorough as he explains and demonstrates each exercise and has never asked me to do more than I can handle. I look forward to my hour twice a week with Luke.

– Patti Lentz

“My one hour yoga class is the most important hour of my week! Sheryl’s masterful teaching skills have taught me how to breathe totally, stretch properly, and use core strengths, effectively. At the end of a session with Sheryl, I feel a great sense of tranquility, well-being, and balance. Thank you so much for your dedication to the practice and for your passion in helping others find a little peace in their lives.”

-Mary Wolfe