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The InBody 270

The InBody 270 is one of the most advanced body compositions you can use.  Statistically comparable to DEXA scans, this Dual Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis machine tells you what you are actually made of.  What does a bathroom scale tell you? NOTHING! Just the arbitrary, that very moment’s, effect of gravity on you.

YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! You are hard work, dedication, passion, strength, and performance.  These characteristics need a more respectable measuring system.  This is where the InBody comes in! It details muscle mass, body fat, and hydration.  Our challenges are the 8-week, first step along your new fitness and nutrition journey!  Our highly educated trainers, and Ivy League graduate Dietician, will guide you along the path of success!  What are you waiting for?! Check our schedule and social media to find the next “Open” InBody challenge and take your first step!

If you are part of a private challenge, please look below to find your link.  Interested in hosting your own private InBody Challenge? Contact us to find out how to get started!


For years, I went to the gym on my own, but once I learned that I had bulged disks in my back I knew it was time to seek the help of a professional. I met with Jose, explained my physical issues, outlined my goals and never looked back. Jose developed a customized training regimen that safely and effectively got me from struggling to tie my shoes to flipping tires! The on-going training sessions were continually adjusted to maximize my effort which kept each workout interesting. Jose has the education, professional experience and motivation to help you meet your personal fitness goals.
Justin Ciemiewicz

AFC Member

Alliance Fitness is the perfect fit for me! I work with a qualified personal trainer who makes up a diverse workout especially designed for my physical needs and my abilities. As a result, I know I’ve gotten stronger, and am able to complete a more versatile exercise program. It’s great to be part of the friendly and intimate environment that other larger gyms so often don’t provide. If you’re serious about wanting to improve or even just to maintain good health through exercise, this is definitely the right place to start!
Anne Kraras

As a personal trainer, Jessica Grosch brings a wealth of experience to the Alliance Fitness Center. I think a trainer’s dedication to her own personal fitness should be an inspiration to a client. Jessica is truly my inspiration! She is unfailingly cheerful at 7:00 am., funny and, when needed, stern. I highly recommend Jessica!
Heidi Masano

Client Since 2009

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