Collin McGee

Fitness Director, CSCS, CFSC L2, FRCMS

Collin is the Fitness Director at the Alliance Fitness Center in Reading, PA. He is a 2016 graduate of Cornell University.

His passion for improving his health and athletic performance, along with career-changing injuries, led Collin to where he is today. He believes in providing fun, positive, training experiences based around education to better people’s lives and sports performance. That includes an ongoing journey for knowledge and turning learning into a lifestyle. The health industry, at this level, is the first line of defense against preventable diseases and injury, as well as the most effective way to improve one’s quality of life. He is out to set a new standard for personal training and sports performance.

“My goal is to be the Coach I wish I had. I do not regret my past injuries or experiences because of where I am now. I recognize that I would have guided myself differently with my physical training. However, now I can more easily guide those I work with along safer and more effective training journeys to best meet their goals. From high-performance sports, to just the ability to get off the ground or keep up with your kids, the ability to move well and without pain is liberation we all seek that enhances the quality of our lives.”