Nate Taylor

Massage Therapist, NASM, USMC Veteran

Nate is a Certified Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, and Veteran. He is currently studying Kinesiology at Penn State University.

Nate found his passion for exercise while serving active duty in the Marine Corps. After completion of his military service, he took his passion in a different direction and enrolled in massage school where he became fascinated with the human anatomy and physiology, along with the biomechanics of movement. He then became a Certified Personal Trainer in hopes to use both massage and personal training to free up tight restricted tissue and to aid in moving well without pain.

He is the owner of Taylor Made Integrative Massage located at the Alliance Fitness Center. His goal is to provide his clients with targeted massage techniques to free up their restrictions, stress, and pains, and to use exercise to explore their newfound ranges.