TJ Ebling


TJ is a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from East Stroudsburg University.

After growing up overweight and out of shape, he embarked on a strength training fitness journey, resulting in him losing 50 pounds and taking the stage at a bodybuilding competition. While some people see a physical transformation as just losing weight and body fat, that wasn’t the end for TJ. His physical transformation came with an understanding of how his body moved, which then led him into obstacle course training.

He aims to help his clients learn how to move their bodies safely, effectively, and efficiently, in addition to helping them reach their physical goals on a scale. He also believes a growth-focused mindset is a key to success and that mastering simple habits are what lead to superior results.

TJ uses his training-mindset to overcome obstacles and push past barriers in life, which is what pushes him to grow and become a better father to his son Cyrus, husband to his wife Carrie, and coach to his valued clients.